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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Originality Standards: This article has not been published elsewhere, nor has it been sent to a publisher for publication.
  • Language: Manuscript is prepared in English language.
  • The title page must contain a concise and informative title; names, affiliations (department, faculty, university, city, and country), and e-mail addresses of all authors and identify the corresponding author.
  • The manuscript must be submitted as a Word document, typed in double spacing by using Calibri font with 11 points, in single-column format. All pages must be numbered consecutively.
  • The abstract and keywords should be uploaded in a single Word document. A concise and informative abstract of a maximum of 400 words in English must summarize the purpose, methods, and major findings of the paper. The abstract should be unreferenced. The article must have maximum of 5 keywords which must be sorted in alphabetical order and separated by a comma. Keywords must be carefully selected to facilitate the readers’ search.
  • The main text should be 5000-8000 words long (not including abstract, keywords and references).
  • All headings must be numbered consecutively and hierarchically.

Author Guidelines

Before starting the submission process we recommend reviewing the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the four-step process.

DRArch implements 4 steps submission policy for authors in the New Submission process.

In the first step (1. Start):

Select "Submission language" as English. Articles written in any other language are not accepted.

Select "Author" in the "Submit as" section.

Tick ​​the boxes for "Privacy Statement" and click the "Save and Continue" button.

In the second step (2. Upload Submission Files):

There are three separate files that must be uploaded to make a proper submission.

  • Title Page 
  • Manuscript File 
  • Cover Letter 

Click "Add File" and upload the files by selecting the correct document types.

The Title Page and the Manuscript Submission File must be uploaded separately as MS Word files (.doc/.docx). The Manuscript Submission File is consist of a title, abstract, keywords, and the main text including tables and figures, and references in one single MS Word document. The Title Page file is a separate MS Word file that contains the author's information and the acknowledgments/notes. Both files must be typed according to their templates.

The Cover Letter form must be uploaded separately as .pdf files. Both files must contain the signatures of all authors.

More information about all of the files can be found below.

In the third step (3. Enter Metadata):

Enter the title of the article, abstract, and author information only in English.

All authors should indicate their own ORCID iD in the Title Page, too. Registration for an ORCID iD can be completed from the website:

In the fourth step (4. Confirmation):

You may go back to review and adjust any of the information you have entered before continuing. If your submission has been uploaded is ready to be sent, click "Finish Submission".

  • Title Page:

Please click here to download the template of Title Page.

All the needed information about the authors should be included in this file separately in order not to harm the double-blind peer review process. After the manuscript’s title, full names, e-mail addresses, ORCID id numbers, and other authors' affiliations must be given on the Title Page.

The authors must type acknowledgments or notes, if any, on the Title Page also. Since acknowledgments and notes may provide information about the author, they should only appear on the Title Page, in order not to impair the double-blind peer review process. If the manuscript is produced from a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation, please state that in the notes with the institution, year, and title of the thesis/dissertation. If you have any other notes, please specify.

  • Manuscript File:

Please click here to download the template of the Manuscript Submission File.

Title of Manuscript:

The title should be brief, and informative about the study. Authors’ names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and any other kind of information about the authors must be included in the Title Page only. No author information should be included in any way in the submission manuscript format.


The abstract must contain 250-400 words. Abstract should be a concise summary of the subject of the study, the methods used, and the main conclusions.


There must be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 keywords that have been chosen carefully to ease the searches. Keywords must be aligned in alphabetical order and comma-separated.


The article must contain a minimum of 6000 words and maximum of 8000 words. The headings must be in hierarchic order and numbered sequentially. In-text citations must follow the latest APA referencing system. 

Tables and Figures:

Tables and figures must be embedded in their correct places in the article, and numbered sequentially. Use single space before and after the figures, tables, and descriptions of them. Figures, tables, and descriptions must be aligned in center. No frame should be used around the figures. All text inside the figures must be in English. There is no limitation for figure sizes. Figures and tables should be of appropriate resolution, no need for provide the images separately.


The references must follow the latest APA referencing system. References must be listed alphabetically. For details of APA Referencing Style Guide, please see: URL-1, URL-2, URL-3, URL-4

  • Cover Letter:

Please click here to download the Cover Letter template.

The Cover Letter must be uploaded to the system at the submission stage as a separate .pdf document. The names and signatures of all authors must be in the Cover Letter. The Cover Letter should include a brief description of the study written by the authors. By signing the Cover Letter, the authors declare that the submission to DRArch has been approved by all authors, that the manuscript is an unpublished and original work and it has not been submitted to or is not in review process in another journal. The Cover Letter must also express "Conflict of Interest", "Financial Disclosure", "Ethics Committee Approval" and "Legal Public / Private Permissions".

Conflict of Interest:

Authors must declare any potential conflict of interest in the research. If there is no conflict of interest, the following statement must be written in the Cover Letter: “No conflict of interest was declared by the authors”.

Financial Disclosure:

Authors must acknowledge where applicable the source(s) of funding and describe the role of sponsors in the research. If financial support was received from any fund while this article was being produced, it should be stated clearly where this support was obtained. If there is no support, the following statement must be written in the Cover Letter: “The authors declared that this study has received no financial support”.

Ethics Committee Approval:

If an ethics committee approval was required while this article was being produced, it should be stated clearly. A proof document for Ethics Committee Approval must also be uploaded to the journal. If there is no ethics committee approval, the following statement should be written in the Cover Letter: “Ethics committee approval was not required for this article”.

Legal Public/Private Permissions:

The following statement must be clearly given in the Cover Letter in the research carried out with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group interview, observation, and experimental techniques: “In this research, the necessary permissions were obtained from the relevant participants (individuals, institutions and organizations) during the survey, in-depth interview, focus group interview, observation or experiment.”

This journal will NEVER: 

  • Ask authors to pay a submission fee
  • Ask authors to pay an APC (article processing charge) for OA publication prior to acceptance
  • Publish works in exchange for gifts or money
  • Falsely claim to represent another person or entity
  • Use your data without consent.

This journal will:

  • Ensure your published paper is a double-blind peer-reviewed
  • Ensure accepted works are published, hosted, and made discoverable via the DRArch PKP-OJS platform
  • In accordance with the law, digital copies of all published volumes are archived in the Keepers Registry using the PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) platform
  • Act in accordance with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in dealing with matters of ethical misconduct.

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